Garden Maintenance

In addition to the following list of services, we can also customize a program to meet your specific needs or budget.  Our maintenance staff can assist you with a range of garden related areas including plant selection, pest management, light pruning, general horticulture and more:




Mulching – We can apply new mulch or top-dress existing beds, re-establish edging or tree rings with your choice of materials.

Seasonal Garden Clean-up – Whether it’s spring, summer or fall, we can remove garden debris, cut back perennials and grasses, dead-head flowers, prune shrubs, pull weeds, apply pre-emergent herbicide and more.

Monthly Maintenance – This is the cornerstone of our services.  Monthly maintenance (or maintenance as needed) would start in April or May and continue through fall and  include a mix of all our services customized to your specific needs.  Weed control, deadheading, pest management if necessary, etc.

Landscape Assessment – This service will provide you with a “care blueprint” of your landscape, noting recommendations for seasonal care, potential pest and disease issues, and pruning schedules, for you to follow or us!

Garden Coaching –  Not sure what to do in your landscape or garden?  Let our coach help you with  plant  selection, mulch and edging options, basic design, bed layout and more.

Seasonal Options – This would include things like annual planting, container gardens (spring, summer, fall, and winter greenery options), sprucing up plantings for fall, or bulb planting.

Vacation Watering – We can water your outdoor containers and new plantings while you are away!

Emerald Ash Borer – We can help identify ash trees, and provide options for treatment or replacement.

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